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At Fit Wellness Africa Ltd, we dedicate our energies to accompany you on your health life journey, through friendly, effective and simple health practices that have withstood the taste of time. We do this by providing a platform where individuals can turn to us for counsel, guidance, education (coaching) and empowerment in the areas of health, fitness, aerobics training and nutrition guidance.

Furthermore, Fit Wellness Africa Ltd has conducted fitness and wellness activities in Uganda having been the lead organizer of the national physical activity day on 14th July 2019, that was held in Kololo, in conjunction with Ministry of Health and WHO, and graced by the president of the republic of Uganda. Besides, we have a number of fitness activities currently offered to government agencies including Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development (MoFPED), Ministry of Defense, and World Food Programme. More recently, in March 2023, Fit Wellness Africa Ltd was one of the leading organizers for the Kampala car-free day event that was held on 26th March 2023 in conjunction with KCCA and Ministry of Works, in which various fitness and physical activities were performed. This experience and level of expertise gives us the appetite to set up, install and manage gym facilities, provide aerobics and fitness services as well as provide consultancy services related to wellness and fitness.

Fit Wellness Africa Ltd is a company formed with the major objective of establishing, commencing and carrying out the business of health fitness, work outs, physical exercises, aerobics and all sorts of gymnastics across the globe. 

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