Fit Wellness Africa Ltd has one of the best team of fitness consultants, coaches, instructors, sports therapists and aerobics trainers who have been in fitness related consultancy for a period not less than 5 years. The team is an aggregate of aerobics managers, gymnastics trainers and sports science experts who have seldom trained, supervised and guided people to improve their fitness levels in different age groups including the young, adults, old and ageing customers, among others. Each of the members of this team is readily available for any assignment and have significant experience working in Uganda, the East African and the Great Lakes region because of their diverse knowledge. Our team has also been engaged in different aerobics consultancies in Uganda, making us suitable for the aerobics and fitness training as well as gym equipment installation and maintenance. Remarkably, our team members are highly experienced professionals with a deep wealth of fitness and gym services, which allows us to field a multi-disciplinary team with complementary skills for tasks related to health fitness, aerobics training, yoga and Koona Dance exercises. We also have the liberty and ability to call on any additional expertise considering the strong network that we have built over time as a firm.

Fit Wellness Africa Ltd is a company formed with the major objective of establishing, commencing and carrying out the business of health fitness, work outs, physical exercises, aerobics and all sorts of gymnastics across the globe. 

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